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Republic Investment group will be using operational principles and best practices to acquire single family properties, raw land, developed sites, and distressed assests that will be value-add acquisitions sourced through the Fund Manager’s professional and institutional real estate network. The management team’s specialized approach to buying single family properties, developed over nearly forty years of focus on this asset class, seeks to acquire properties where equity and value is present at the time of acquisition, and is enhanced through the re-positioning, marketing, and management processes. We have developed an internal underwriting criteria to validate all opportunities that we look at for our investors.

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Republic Investment group’s has over 50 yrs experience in construction services experience. We are also able to use our in-house team of experts in the single family (SFR) development. Our initial process before taking on these projects include underwriting, site identification, zoning, entitlements, design, and to determine the scope for a full development build cycles. Our factors we consider before entry into any development project, will include criteria's such as geographical area, schools, taxes, flood zone, barrier to entry, and off course cost opportunities. Our partners and vendor lists help us to create a quick turn from an operational perspective and our engineering team has presented in numerous cities for permitting and have grown relationship with city leaders.

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Republic Investment group’s management philosophy is that it’s not what you know, but who you know. Our skilled in-house team has over 40 yrs of experience in property management, real estate transactions and asset management. We use the latest software, Apps and technologies to have the highest operations use and to keep the overhead low. Our strategic vision is to use our proprietary systems to manage assets seamlessly independent of the geographic location. Our team focuses on both short-term assets such as AirBnB and VRBO and long term rental leases and determines the optimal way to maximize the investor returns.

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The process flow of choosing a value add through budgeting, rehabilitation and upgrading will focus on the unique requirements of single family residential homes as either a rental opportunity or quick investment returns. Our team has rehabbed more than 1000 properties and efficient in determining the best and highest use for the asset. This will allow the Fund to fully assess expected costs, time-frames, and other important metrics to maximize profit and minimize risks related to unexpected upgrade costs and re-positioning expenses.

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How It Works

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We will get to know your goals and determine the type of investment you have or want to pursue.

2. Receive Your Investment Strategy

We will assign a project manager to customize an investment plan tailored to your needs.

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You’ll feel equipped to pursue new investment opportunities with knowledge and skill.

How We Acquire Properties

Get Equipped To Choose Your Next Investment With Confidence

We use data, technology, and manpower to look for ideal investment properties.

Depending on the type of investment opportunity you choose, your funds will either be held in escrow by a third-party title company or by a self-directed IRA (SDIRA) custodian.

We partner with you to help you acquire properties through wholesalers, auctions, the multiple listing service (MLS), and several other sources. We can also guide you through each step of the acquisition process and even rehab or renovate your property on your behalf.

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Grow Your Investment

You worked hard for your money. Shouldn’t it work hard for you?

We create cash-flow properties that generate a substantial return on investment (ROI) for our clients. We exercise transparency in all our investment models, so you can feel confident in partnering with us.

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