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Non-Leveraged Investing

Most real estate investment groups put investors at risk by leveraging their projects. Republic Investment Group offers non-leveraged property investments to accredited investors, putting you in first lien position.

We are one of the best financial advisers headquartered in Texas, and can assist you in real estate analysis for Property investments anywhere. When you invest with us, you get paid first. Not the bank.

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What Type of Investor are You?

Republic Investment Group offers the best investments for all types of investors: non-accredited, family offices, accredited investors, institutions, and wealth advisors with the objective of receiving passive income and/or getting a residual income.

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One Of The Best Property Investment Firms

About Republic Investment Group

Republic Investment Group offers the best investments for all different types of investors that focus on Real Estate Investments.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Republic Investment Group started as an alternative Private Investments for individuals that wanted to use 401k & IRA to focus on Real Estate. We focus on guidance to investors of any skill level to help them find success in real estate. We help deliver a reliable passive income stream backed by real assets.

Who We Are

What We Do

We provide real estate investment opportunities that you can invest into. Our staff include Investment Advisors that have over 40 years of experience. Our process is to understand your criteria and then do an analysis and due diligence before we do acquisitions. What we don't do is take on an investment because someone is selling. What we truly do is create value for our investors.

Who We Are

Who Can Invest?

Similar to a client investing with us, we also determine who do we want to create a relationship with. Typical Real Estate funds that are available will try to attract investors with high multiples and ROIs. We want our investors to be educated and our processes to be transparent so that they understand the investment. After all, this was the reason we started this business.

The Best Real Estate Funds

To Grow Your Investment

Republic Investment Group offers the best investments for accredited investors, institutions, and wealth advisors to help you build a profitable portfolio.

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Tax-Free Investments Using IRA or 401(K)

Purchase assets using a self-directed IRA (SDIRA) for tax-free income.

Passive Real Estate Investing

Turn rental income into passive income by letting us handle the property management for you.

Private Lending Opportunities

Become a hard money lender for those seeking funds to purchase distressed properties.

Portfolio Management

Manage your assets in the portal. Get detailed reporting. Share with your CPA with a click.

Why Investors Love Republic Investment Group

  • “...I may be able to retire quicker.”

     Since my first transaction, I have consistently received the rent checks and eager to add more onto my portfolio. If this keeps up, I may be able to retire quicker.  

    Vihn L.
  • “Republic Investments opened my eyes…”

     I have invested my 401(k) for 20 years and have seen an average growth of 3% per year. The team at Republic Investments opened my eyes and has significantly improved my return the last few years.  

    - Amy W.
  • “It’s impressive to see that all the quarterly reports are sent like clockwork”


    - Amy W.
  • “The best for real estate investments…”

     I let people that are better than me do what they do. John and his team are the best for real estate investments  

    - Amy W.
  • “The best for real estate investments…”

     one day I'll have courage to stop working and pursue other passions. John's passion is Real Estate Investments and it really shows  

    - Amy W.
  • 13%


  • 1,800+


  • 2,700+

    Real Estate Transactions

  • $75M+

    Total Assets

Build Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

Most financial advisors and money managers earn a profit whether your investments go up or down. We only make money when you do. We're incentivized to pursue your success. Not just our own.

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