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Republic Investment Group acquires, rehabs, develops and manages real estate properties with a focus on both near-term income generation and long-term value creation. John Mathew, Founder and CEO, created Republic Investment group to be an alternative private investment for individuals that wanted to use their 401k and SDIRA to focus on Single family Real Estate. Our company has evolved from single individual investors to the institutional investors. However, our core is still the same and our company values are to help all types of investors to focus on real estate as a vehicle for their investments.

Our Method utilizes a data driven, due diligence, boots on the ground mode and a robust underwriting process that valuates every deal that crosses our desks.

Our Competitive advantage is that our leadership team has over 200 years of accumulated experience in real estate with an operational advantage and industry relationships which translates to our investors having a secure model for investment. Our key difference is that we will not use banks or lenders to make the AUM (assets under management) attractive. Our core belief is to help the investor with their ROI.


  • Acquisitions – Acquire target assets with best practices and due diligence
  • Development – Determine market trends and due diligence on areas that have the highest growth opportunities
  • Management – Use our in-house expertise and property management with the latest technologies to add value
  • Rehabilitation - Our strategy for using internal vendors and expertise to update properties to modern standards to get higher returns

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